Erotic Books vs Erotic Stories

I've been writing erotica for several years now.  I did submit one story to Clean Sheets, which was published ... but I didn't see the point of giving away more stories.  But if you are reading this post, you probably arrived because of one of my books.

So now there's a reason to share my work.  I'll try to post a story every Friday, at least until I run out of them, since part of this blog is to share my thoughts, past and present. 

One difference between erotic stories and books is that books can afford character development and humor.  Stories need to get to the sex; no one wants to get a long introduction when a simple one will suffice.  In my book, The Road To Welkin, the first sex comes in Chapter 16.  Anyway, before I tried books I wrote a number of short stories.  Since the above book is very much about polyamory, I took a very long time to get my character to accept that there is love, affection, and good sex that doesn't require monogamy.  So here's a story about polyamory that moves at a short story pace, not taking long to get to the erotic part.

Like many of my stories, there's some personal history that inspired it.



© Hunter Byrd, 2010

I picked up the phone. Sometimes I have a sixth sense about it being bad news. This was one of those times.

"Stephanie, it's me, Mandy. I need to get away. For good, this time. Can I crash on your sofa tonight?" Todd, Amanda's S.O., was into another abuse cycle, I figured. Once every couple of months, he'd find something to be hypercritical about. Then something else. Then he'd start verbally trashing her, ultimately accusing her of cheating on him. At first it would be simply nasty, then it would escalate daily, and finally he'd storm out of the apartment, and she wouldn't see him for days. He'd come home late one night, stinking of cheap perfume and booze, full of apologies and excuses, expecting her to welcome him back. To fuck him. To forgive and forget. And when she complied, he'd be a model mate. Until it started again.

"Sure, Mandy. But if you mean it, pack everything you want to keep. Because my guess is when he finds you missing, he'll throw all your stuff away."

Mandy was my mirror image, same fine hair, short nails, minimal makeup, only I was blonde, she was brunette. We'd been roommates in our senior year, and shared an apartment for two years; we were so close in size that we routinely shared each other's clothes. We'd shared everything but boyfriends; Mandy tended to go for the dangerous ones – me, the shy nerds.

She arrived just an hour before Jake got off work. I'd called to warn him, told him to pick up takeout from The Kitchen Door, a roasted whole duck, mushroom fettuccine with Parmesan cream, chicory salad – comfort food for Mandy, plus giving us a little time to talk privately instead of needing to fix dinner.

I helped her store suitcases, boxes, and her laptop. It was impossible to ignore the dark bruise on her left cheek. We settled in the kitchen, and I opened a Pinot Gris. "He's never hit me before," she said. "But in a way, I'm glad. I might not have had the self-respect to get out. You know," she added, "We haven't had sex for the past three weeks. He just goes into his 'man-cave,' watches porn, and masturbates. I've been depressed and horny. I feel worthless and unattractive."

I started to protest, but she raised a hand. "I don't mean I really think I'm worthless and unattractive, it's just how I feel."

I nodded. Todd was a good looking guy, but he'd always struck me as creepy, the way he looked at me like a piece of available slut candy. Mandy said that was the way he was with all women, ignoring her and staring at anyone he saw. "He actually comes on to strangers in front of me. Even tries to give them his cell number. I got pissed at that, which is what brought on the current tantrum. Know what he claims? 'I'm trying to control him'."

A tiny bit of me was amused. Mandy knew – without a lot of detail – that Jake and I are kinky, and he is my slave, at least in the bedroom. He is totally turned on by being submissive to me:  controlled, commanded, dominated. Of course, he's a virile male, and I am aware of his attraction to pretty women, including Mandy (something I would never embarrass her by telling). I even once put him in restraints and teased him: "If you were with Mandy right now," I whispered, "and she wanted to climb on you and sit on your face, what would you do?" He said, "Lick. And hope you were late getting home."

A couple of glasses of wine, and Mandy was feeling less down. We discussed how she would find a place, and how we'd manage with her here in the interim. I felt pretty good about her decision to leave Todd, and wanted to be as supportive as possible.

For such a traumatic day, we were festive during dinner, polishing off a second bottle of wine. I enjoyed the mild flirtation between my husband and my friend, and we talked into the evening. Then I said, "Jake, you find sheets and pillows and make up the couch; Mandy and I will clean up." As we set about clearing the table I took  Jake aside and whispered some instructions.

Alone again, just us girls, I gave Mandy another hug. "I have something in mind, if you are interested. Would you like to fuck Jake?" Her eyes got large. "It's OK, I've seen both of you together, and there's definitely a spark there. I'm not jealous. He's mine. I just think you deserve a little reward for having dug yourself out of a hole."

She pursed her lips, and got teary. "Lord, I've been so horny. Yes, Steph, I'd like to fuck Jake, but I couldn't face him in the morning. I'm already an emotional wreck, and having him know I wanted him would be embarrassing."

"Well, I said, "he doesn't have to know. I'll blindfold him – we do that all the time – and he'll be spread-eagled and cuffed on the bed. We'll both play with him, but only one at a time. I'll do all the talking. How about it?" She swallowed and nodded. I hugged her again. "We'll go to bed upstairs, and I'll leave the door ajar. When I'm ready, I'll signal you. Have your clothes off, and leave the rest to me."

Jake was blindfolded, nude, wrists and ankles cuffed, and spread-eagled, his head at the bottom of the bed. I let him wait while I undressed. Then I fastened his cuffs to belts on each corner, and kissed him warmly, rubbing my tits against his chest. "We're going to play a little game, and you have to do whatever I say. If I ask you something, you have to answer truthfully. If you don't, you'll be punished. Got it?" "Yes, Mistress," he said.

I signaled Mandy and she slipped into the bedroom, barefoot. We stood together at the foot of the bed. "Jake," I said softly, leaning in, "I want you to lick me clean, starting with my armpits. Make sure you get all the sweat off me; if you do well, I'll let you suck my tits." But first, I want you to tell me about Mandy. You just spent a couple of hours flirting with her. Did you want her?" He paused. "Tell the truth, slave!"

He thought this over a moment. "She's beautiful," he said. "And smart and funny. Of course I wanted her." "Good," I said. "What did you like most about her body?"

"Well, since I couldn't see much flesh, I guess her eyes," he said. "They're, the way they crinkle when she laughs, then half close afterward, kind of mysterious. I could just imagine fucking her and kissing her eyes."

"OK," I said. "Now you get to lick my sweaty armpits, and pretend it's Mandy." And I made way for Mandy to present her underarms to his mouth. She started to make a sound of pleasure, and I put my fingers to my lips. Instead I leaned in again. "Good, slave. Now the other armpit." He was getting a huge erection, and I grinned as Mandy presented her opposite underarm to be washed.

"Good boy," I told Jake. "Now my tits. Kiss and lick first, then you may suck my nipples. Think of what it would feel like to have Amanda's tits in your mouth." Mandy leaned down again, and felt his tongue devouring her breasts. She moved in so he could take her erect nipples in his mouth, pressing down so that more was taken in. "Gently," I whispered. "Not too hard."

Mandy was breathing heavily but quietly. Her eyes were closed. She moved her upper body back and forth over Jake's questing tongue, shaking her head from side to side. Sensing they were both ready for the next step, I gently pulled her away. "Now, slave, I want to know more about your fixation about my friend. Remember, I will know when you're holding back – I own you. Right?"

"Yes Mistress," he said. "I am your slave; I have no right to withhold anything from you."

"You please me, slave. Now think back to when you were with Amanda tonight...I noticed your eyes seemed to gravitate to her crotch. Tell me what you were thinking."  It was as though Jake was hypnotized. He answered in a distant tone I'd never heard. "I was imagining her sitting on my face, I was imagining eating her cunt, drinking her juice, even...." He paused.

"Drinking her pee, maybe? Like you've drunk mine? Well, let's not go there just yet," I decided. "I'll take the results of your Amanda fantasy, and whatever secretions I release, you will swallow. You will pretend it's Mandy you're drinking. You'd better be better than usual – there's a higher bar in future cunnilingual worship. That means skills, bitch.

"Start low down and move up, slowly licking, broad gentle strokes - let her get used to your tongue simply being there to worship her. Make quiet, whimpering sounds that show how honored you are to be the repository of her juices. Wait till you feel her moving, then slowly approach her clit. Tongue gently, then if she shows enjoyment, begin to tease her clit, till she relaxes enough to move against you, to release her juices. You want her to come in your mouth, you better earn it."

I backed Mandy against the foot of the bed, supporting her so that the full ripeness of her soaking pussy was over Jake's mouth. He licked and swallowed convulsively, straining at the restraints, desperate to take her ass in his hands as he drank from her.

Mandy meanwhile began a shriek as she orgasmed, and I adroitly caught her, kissing her, stifling her cries with a tongue. Mandy surrendered to the two demanding tongues, and let herself silently scream into my mouth. Her eyes burnt into mine.

There was a pause. Jake caught his breath. "Oh lord, that's so good," he said. "You taste different tonight, juicier and more sour." I grinned. "That's because of your talented tongue, slave, and because it's not me you're servicing, it's Amanda. That was really good. So good I'm going to reward you with my ass. I want it licked clean. I want to feel your tongue probing my asshole."

And I pulled Mandy toward me, reaching down to pull her cheeks apart, then pushing her down to meet Jake's hungry tongue.

By then, the two of us were locked in an embrace, our tongues twining around each other, breasts rubbing breasts, hands on each other's buttocks. I realized I hadn't had girl sex for ages. I'd forgotten how soft girls were, and how much better they were at kissing.

Mandy was intensely aroused. I put her hands down on Jake's shoulders so she could support herself in position, then I knelt and began softly stroking her downy unshaven thighs. I was only inches away from Jake, but I pulled her legs apart and applied the tip of my tongue to her clit, teasing it in rhythm with Jake's tongue-thrusts into her anus. Mandy knew better than to say anything, but she made soft, whimpering noises as she was being doubly stimulated.

It was time to move on, I decided. Back on my feet, I pulled Mandy to me. I pointed at Jake's tumescent cock, as hard as I'd ever seen it. "OK Jake, I'm going to take that cock in my cunt, but you won't come until I tell you." He groaned, and the pre cum oozed from his slit. I pointed again, and Mandy climbed on the bed, and licked it off, then took the head in her mouth briefly.

She needed no instruction to mount Jake, easing him into her, and rocking back and forth. I moved onto the bed behind her, nuzzling the back of her neck, licking her ears and hairline while bringing my hands around to take her tits in both hands. After a couple of minutes I felt Mandy's body go tense, and knew that only a powerful exertion of will stopped her from screaming as she climaxed.

Jake was fighting the same urge. "Please, Mistress, may I come?" I smiled at Mandy. "You will come when I tell you, slave, and not before."

I paused to let Mandy recover, then took her in my arms and eased her up and off the bed. "Now," I added, "I'm going to go pee, and then I think I'll check on Mandy. Too bad she won't ever know how much you wanted to fuck her. Don't go anywhere," I added tauntingly. And I beckoned Mandy, took her hand and silently led her downstairs.

The couch was carefully made, as I'd had known it would be. We stood embracing and kissing. Mandy's hands rose to caress my breasts. "Do you think he knew?" she whispered. "Do you care?" I answered. "But no, I think his imagination took over. It's pretty hard to tell the taste of one pussy from another...but he may have suspected from the way you tasted. Which, incidentally, was delicious. Maybe we should practice, so next time you'll know how to sound like me when you come."

"Maybe I won't care next time," grinned Mandy. "In just a few hours I've gone from zero lovers to two. Thanks so much for this. I'll sleep well."

"Me too, but first I'm going back upstairs to get royally fucked. See you in the morning. The downstairs bathroom is all yours. Coffee's at 6:15 sharp."