The Education of Alice Bloom

"September Morn" by Paul Chabas, courtesy Wikipedia, from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

My first erotic romance novel was a very sexy Edwardian Era tale with BDSM (i.e., kinky) elements.  It was published as an eBook in 2012, and has had only modest success.  It is far more explicit than The The Road To Welkin, and it does use sexual vernacular of the times, which is considered profane today, but was not unusual in England at the turn of the beware - it is not for the faint of heart or church ladies.  

That said, I am personally very fond of Alice, a young woman who is passionate without losing her sense of morality.  And modest about her intellectual superiority to the decadent upper-class world in which she finds herself.

Not wishing to spoil it for you, I should say only that Alice is a delightful innocent who falls in love with, and becomes the mistress of a handsome rake who is polyamorous and dominant, but who ultimately is charmed by her willing adventurousness and her acceptance of the sexual world she is plunged into.  She uses her intelligence to negotiate that world, and make her own unique place in it.  Like The Road To Welkin, It does have a romantic ending. Buy it on Amazon for just $3.99! But don't say I didn't warn you.